Bunny Tells The Story of Life And Hardship in Her Photos

Signed to Heyman Talent Agency, 19-year-old Becky Davidson aka ‘Bunny’, is a model with a growing list of accomplishments and online fans. Growing up, Bunny always loved the idea of modeling. Whether it was posing in the mirrors in the grocery store or practicing her runway walk down the hall, Bunny constantly emulated the models she saw on television and in the magazines. As she grew older, she began pushing herself with greater intentionality. “I think the main reason I pushed myself to become [a model] was because I didn’t see that many African- American girls in the fashion industry”, she shares.


Using motivation as her fuel, Bunny has been working to gain recognition and opportunity in the modeling industry. However, her journey has come with its share of upsets. While initially wanting to bring a greater spotlight on African-American beauty through modeling, Bunny found that her beauty as a black woman came with limitations in the modeling industry. Describing racism as one of the hardest things she’s faced so far in her career, Bunny details receiving push back from photographers because her skin wasn’t their desired shade. “Oh god. From photographers telling me that I didn’t fit their demographic to agents telling me that my skin was to dark or to light. The list could continue for years.”, she shares “But I always took it with a smile and continued to work my ass off!”


Modeling hasn’t been Bunny’s only mission. She vulnerably shares her inner struggles, triumphs, retorts to unfair social norms and mantras to life, with her online followers. To Bunny, striving to make a positive impact is the way all models should be utilizing their significance. “I feel like a ton of young girls look up to models. But I feel like models aren’t doing that any justice. You always see models portraying their lives as amazing. Showcasing photoshoots, private jets, and huge parties.”, she explains “You don’t really see models talking about the big issues like racism, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and so so much more. I think that we could make a huge impact if we chose to talk about those issues more. ”


Subscribing to her own principles, Bunny bravely shares having survived 3 attempted suicide attempts, in hopes her story can inspire someone somewhere. “Due to my assaults and constant abuse I could never see myself as worthy. I would look in the mirror and spout hatred at myself. Telling myself that I deserved every single thing that happened to me.”, she shares “[now] I’m able to see the confident beautiful young woman that I am. I’m able to do what I love which is acting and modeling. I’m able to tell others my story of survival in hopes that they won’t give up just as I didn’t. ” She continues on to say, “That’s when you can see that your life was never an accident. And you’ll be able to laugh and smile. Because hey, you made it!”



Bunny’s upfront and vulnerable nature didn’t always exist. She shares that she used to be afraid of being upfront and vulnerable until a friend helped her realize her inspirational spirit and inner power. “I was telling her about my struggles with my modeling, depression and health.”, Bunny recalls “I remember her looking at me and telling me what an inspiration that I was to others and that I had so much power in me. I think because of her I had the courage to stand up and start speaking out.”


Whether it’s invoking emotion through her photos, encouraging others through her vulnerability or breaking down oppressive barriers, one thing is for sure, Bunny will continue to make a positive impact in her own life and the lives of everyone around her.

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