Actor and Director Chase Crawford Doesn’t Have A Plan B

“I don’t have a Plan B.”

Those are the words coming from Chase Crawford when asked what has garnered him so much success. At 21-years-old, Chase’s work-ethic and continuing accession to success is inspiring. His resume includes spots on Empire and House of Cards, a self-produced feature film, up-coming movie roles and an online following of 170,000+ fans. He attributes this to not having a ‘Plan B’. Further explaining he says, “When you live your life with no backup plan you tend to grind a little harder.”

And this he does. Growing up the son of news anchors, Chase often spent time on the set of his father’s segments. The excitement from the fact that the set was constantly ‘buzzing’ and the many moving pieces fascinated him. Though his parents’ careers were related to news broadcasting, Chase found himself with a greater affinity for acting and producing. As a high school student, Chase began growing an online following in his friend’s basement. His broadcast’s viewer count grew to the thousands and by the time he graduated, he’d accumulated 30,000 Twitter followers. Despite this, Chase had not yet taken the leap of faith and given his all to his career.

At the age of 18, a teen parent, Chase was working 60-80 weeks at Best Buy for the discouraging wage of $9/hr. With a pregnant girlfriend and no money saved, he felt the retail job was his best option. “I would come in day in and day out, clock in, work my tail off, beg my boss for more hours ask my coworkers to give me shifts, and clock out.”, he shares “I did this every day for about 6 months.”

One day, Chase decided to step outside of himself and look at his life from the perspective of an outsider. It was in that moment a flip switched inside of him. “I was working a dead-end job,” he explains “and in the best-case scenario would’ve just worked my way up the ladder of a place I didn’t want to be. I was putting all my efforts into making someone else’s dreams coming true.” Upon realizing this, Chase decided he was going to put his effort into working harder than he ever had, so he didn’t have to go back to a life like that.

Now you can find Chase gearing up for the release of ‘Alan and the Fullness of Time’, a feature film he produced in 8 days, which is currently in post-production. He’ll also be appearing in the movie “Boy Band” at the beginning of the year, a comedy directed by Joel Levinson. As his career continues to boom, he plans to make sure that he continues to grow as a man and a father. When discussing his greatest success of the year, Chase shares, “My greatest success has been growing more as a man and a father. I realized that all the stuff in the industry comes and goes and if you count each little accomplishment along the way then you miss the bigger picture.”

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