Chanel Scales Is Conquering Fashion and Motherhood

Described by her family as fearless, confident and a fighter, Chanel Scales is a successful mom to be and passionate mother of one. From the age of 5-years-old, Chanel had a love for fashion. Enamored with the pages of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, her grandmother would always tell her, “Chell, one day you will make your mark in the fashion industry.”

Now, years later, Chanel is doing exactly that. She’s the owner of a successful fashion brand call SHINGO, a shoe store on one of the busiest streets of Cincinnati and she works as a stylist for popular magazine Kontrol. Her journey as a fashion designer started when she couldn’t find the garments to create the vision she had in her head. Passionate about bringing her ideas to life, Chanel didn’t give up. 

“I would have these ideas in my head, but no idea how to sew,” she recalls, “I researched and researched till I found someone that could bring my ideas to life.”  Soon, Chanel began making designs that everyone started talking about.  Her knack for unique designs stood out in the competitive industry. “As a stylist I’ve been able to create a look,” she explains “putting garments together, that others wouldn’t even consider.” 

Her designs turned into custom-clothing brand SHINGO and the orders started flooding in. Temporarily, Chanel moved to Atlanta and got the gig of her dreams. “When I moved to Atlanta, I would always stalk the Kontrol Magazine IG page,” Chanel recalls. One day Chanel saw a posting that they were looking for interns. She reached out and applied and got the job. “ I pretty much became an intern at 33..,” she says, “But I didn’t care, because I knew I would be able to learn some gems and step into a world that I had dreamed about.”

Chanel’s internship grew into a role as a stylist for Kontrol and it’s her willingness and consistency to work hard that she credits for all of her success. “I think everyone has it in their mind, that success happens overnight and that’s not true.,” Chanel shares, “You have to be willing to work, you have to be willing to change your mindset and more importantly become disciplined.”

Continuing on in her career, Chanel now runs Own Lane, a shoe store on one of the most popular streets in Cincinnati. Despite the challenges of her career, she continues to push for her future and for the future of her child. “I don’t believe in giving up, because I one day want my child to realize she can accomplish anything she puts her mind too,” Chanel shares. With goals to open up another Own Lane, Chanel is not letting up and wants to spread the message to ‘never give up on your dreams’. “I want people to know, being a single mompreuner isn’t easy,” she declares, “But if you really believe in yourself, you can accomplish it.” 

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