Singer-Songwriter Knotts Takes The Music Scene By Storm

Singer-songwriter Knotts has been making waves through Cincinnati and is most recently the winner of Cincinnati Music Award “New Artist of The Year”. From a young age, she fell in love with the sounds of the violin and the human voice and became obsessed with how beautiful music was. Now she’s gone from singing in the classroom and the shower to being featured by NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’.

You recently got honored at the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. What’s been your greatest successes so far?

It’s been a great year. Winning New Artist of the Year at The CEA’s was huge. We performed that evening as well. I released my debut album Is It Art Yet? this year, that was a massive highlight. We just got back for New York City. We had the opportunity to perform at the Association of Performing Arts Professionals conference at the Hilton Hotel in Midtown, that was so fun and inspiring. We also played at the Rockwood and Nabe Harlem while we were there. My favorite this year was when NPR featured our Tiny Desk Contest entry video on their All Songs Considered blog. That was surreal. A year ago, when I was writing songs for the album I couldn’t have imagined all of the different things we would do. 

What was the feeling like to win New Artist of The Year?

Surprise. Shock. Joy. Gratitude. It felt like all the work I put in to the album Is It Art Yet? and performing music hadn’t gone unnoticed. It was a cool moment that life gave me to pause and celebrate. 

What separates you from other artists?

I think first, that our music is genre-less helps. It’s really hard to box in and I think people are intrigued by that. We’ve been called Art Pop or Indie Soul but I think it’s hard to put in to words and that works in our favor. And second whether there are 5 people in the room or 500 people, we play the same show. Same energy, same sparkles and I think that’s rare. 

What’s your songwriting process like?

Most times a song will come from me sitting down and translating big, hard, problematic emotions in to song. It’s just sticking with it till I can find the words and notes to make it more like art and less like whining. Other times though I’m just singing while I wash the dishes or cut an onion and I realize I should pay attention to what I’m singing and I’ll pull out my phone and record it on to voice memos and later put it to music. 

Three words that describe me?

Childlike. Inventive. Tenacious. 

What can we expect from you musically in the future?

The wheels are certainly turning on a new recorded project. I’ve been inspired by love and my own love story lately. So maybe expect the new project to reflect that in some way. 

Knotts has a release party on April 5th to celebrate a release of two new songs on vinvyl. Follow Knotts at for more information.

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